So I was out shopping today when I passed an Aerie store. My cousin pointed out that the butt in the photo huge advertisement (second photo) had stretch marks. I was confused. After second look I realized that there were stretch marks. “Wow!” I thought, “I can’t believe they didn’t airbrush that out!” I wanted to take a picture but there were people sitting on a bench in view of it, so I decided to to go in and find the picture. Much to my surprise, she was not the only one displaying imperfections! Their slogan is “The real you is sexy.” In amazement I took pictures throughout the store. I’m sure they thought I was a creep but that didn’t stop me. I had to pass this along to those who haven’t seen it. My question is, how isn’t this a bigger deal? Am I weird for thinking this is so awesome? I even made a point to say “Wow, I have to take a picture of this, that could be me!” A sales associates just chuckled. But little did she know I was so serious.

These girls have great bodies

This is amazing, everyone should do this.

I want to model for aerie 😂

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    ^^^ i hate it when people do this and expect to get cookies. this is a great start, but what about african american,...
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    I FREAKING LOVE THIS CAMPAIGN and there is a post about it now!!! :) #aeriereal
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    Not to sound rude and white or anything, but while all of these women are thin, they’re not all white
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    Literally one, maybe two of these women are actually white.
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    I really don’t see how this is a big deal and when I see this post with no acknowledgement of the fact that they’re all...
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