Some pre and post race photos :-) actually looking forward to the Brooklyn half on Saturday, even tho this was a killer! I felt like I had zero energy and couldn’t find a rhythm to my stride, but I blame that on 5 hours sleep and only a banana pre race. Next week I’m having my oatmeal!!!!

journeytohealthinesss asked:

I wanna be the type of person that runs marathons. I am so out of shape though like its ridiculous. Any advice?

Start slowly, it takes time :-) I couldn’t run even 3 miles last summer. Just go out and walk/run, then gradually build it up. Try some training plans eg couch to 5 k… Then go from there! Also the right food and weight training helps. But as for running, you will genuinely surprise yourself with what you can achieve if you just give it time and persistence. Human bodies are amazing. Hope that helps, good luck!! x



- I have no idea how this or what just happened. I knew I wanted to go for a long run but nine miles wasn’t anywhere near what I thought I could achieve.

- My longest runs have only ever hit 10km and never a km over.

- The guy in the blue shirt encouraged me to keep going when I stopped to let him past and from then on he was leading me on my run, if he wasn’t gonna stop, neither was I.

- This run signifies so much, all my doubts of underachieving have been washed away because my little warrior tank of a body and my determined mind just smashed every little stress, negative thought and doubt into the floor, step after step, km after km, mile after mile.

- This wasn’t even just 15km. This was 15km in 1 hour 40 and I’m just so fucking stoked right now I could easily cry.

- Thank you Beth loverunningx for inspiring me to carry on today after I had got into pyjamas and decided against any sort of workout.

- And thank you to myself for never giving up ^.^ - half marathon in 8 weeks will be a doddle.

I love you and you amaze me every day babe 😘😘😘